Giorgio Armani Men Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV

Giorgio Armani Men Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men’s Fashion Week MILAN – Once again Giorgio Armani turned to muted colors of…
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London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Fashion Week Review LONDON – FashionTV has highlights from the most eclectic city i…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Men Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV”

  1. Denis Skurenok says:


  2. MagentaFashion DIY says:

    i like the clothes from the sass $ bide show, most are beautiful

  3. Miss Hustler says:

    i don’t know which show’s my favourite because they all look the same.

  4. abbie260 says:


  5. il pintu says:

    Just saw Cara on the thumbnail so I came here to say I love her!

  6. shikamaru123ful says:

    lol your the one that likes cara xD

  7. Ariana Amabella says:

    Cara Delevingne!! i love herr!!

  8. Turquoise AndCaicos says:


  9. Caroline Lala says:

    Julien MacDonald, rocking my visual world right out of sight. It reminds me
    of Bob Mackie fabulous. Burberry jackets, Unique burgundy sequin jumpsuit,
    Marios Schwab collection, Sass and Bide geometrics, Richard Nicholl
    dresses, jackets & orange shades. Vivienne West is always a blast! Dress me
    up I’d wear some of those fabulous outfits & sure some are over-the-top but
    that’s fashion. Thanks for the upload.

  10. duos wangtong says:


  11. Miss Hustler says:

    the music is atrocious.

  12. TVsidewalk says:

    The sidewalk playboy thinks London Fashion Week was sexy film scene; the
    most romantic, funniest. It has the feel good factor……Just saying

  13. tvsegundapele says:

    i love burberry!

  14. Nikolka Oreski says:

    Cara is amazing.

  15. Romulo Dias J. says:

    I Wish you guys could give us the names of all background musica used on
    the video.

  16. Gilbert Frondoso says:

    London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Fashion Week Review | FashionTV

    London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Fashion Week Review | FashionTV

  17. Margaret Cabral says:

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    I should have been a makeup artist but I never thought of
    it, I would have done something likable and much better

  18. Margaret Cabral says:

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  19. GBuckne says:

    I think they would all look better with a little more meat on their bones.
    Is this 2013 or 1969?

  20. minomorettihairmedia2 says:

    Da minomoretti .moda.

  21. mino moretti says:

    Da minomoretti .moda.

  22. Minnie Leaman says:

    This isn’t all the shows of 2013/14 fall collection?!

  23. Franco says:

    Music for House of Holland: Passion Pit – Little Secrets.
    P.S.: Enjoy ;)

  24. Валентин смит says:


  25. Monika Kwiatek says:

    what is the song for richard nicoll show?

  26. ortizcommittee says:

    BTW what’s up with that big bag???

  27. Jake Sky says:

    Outfits @5:01 – 5:12

  28. ortizcommittee says:

    GA is still cool

  29. Jimi Paradise says:


  30. julius joseph says:


  31. JavaEFA says:

    The Fall line up is looking really good. BTW does anyone know the name of
    the music used in this? I really like it.

  32. TheMintyMelon says:

    Beautiful trousers, almost streamlined in form. – this was a total focus
    for me. They need good straight legs. No cowboys who’ve lost their
    horses… Tight but supple fabric I’m guessing… a little concerned that
    on the second or third day of wearing you’d end up with baggy knees ?!!

  33. Lexus Fox says:

    Men bags!

  34. DaveDaShrubber says:


  35. Jake Sky says:

    these BEAUTIFUL official tracks are soothing I set on replay. I like the
    bags and a few outfits here though :)

  36. ivan chevez says:

    first song?

  37. Eduardo Gm says:

    WTF was that at the end – BORING.

  38. cheong728 says:

    The pants at the beginning of the show were slim and stretchy almost like
    tights, you need muscular long legs to carry that off, but all the Armani
    trademarks were there – rich fabrics, interesting textures, subtle dark
    colors, slim soft cuts, glammed up sportswear and models who looked
    masculine and not girly, well done !

  39. 19rcv20 says:

    what is the song called that starts on 2:33 ??

  40. Warspl says:

    best collection for fall/winter 2013..

  41. Patrick Dong says:

    love the bag

  42. Игорь Клинков says:

    the names of tunes plssss

  43. TheSololobo says:

    I love the world of fashion but I hate the snobbery that comes along with
    it. You can’t go to any high end store without that bullshit vibe you get
    from the sell clerks- smile once in a while motherfuckers.

  44. Naczepa15 says:

    2 song?

  45. bstevans0 says:

    very good

  46. jennifer quigley says:

    01:20 guy from almost every Versace / Armani Shirt item on saksfifthavenue
    website ! lol

  47. Lucas Pires says:


  48. Anita S says:

    #giorgioarmani #MEN #FASHION #FUR #FURCOAT 

  49. Max -Wolf Boy- says:

    very nice collection–