Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2012/13: Town and Country Collide at London Fashion Week | FashionTV

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25 Responses to “Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2012/13: Town and Country Collide at London Fashion Week | FashionTV”

  1. ExtravagantFragrance says:


  2. tsangwingyi says:

    stunning ,love those colors

  3. Dalia Picatso says:

    @glitterycookie 1. It could have been better – Joan Armatrading, 2. Walls –
    Rae Morris

  4. cory clemmings says:

    1 word, extrodinary… its amazing when everything in a collection is
    wearable and everything showcased on the runway was…

  5. max blass says:


  6. GEhotpants101 says:

    When I saw that adorable little yellow belt on the very first outfit I knew
    this was going to be a video to get excited about. <3

  7. annatata1234 says:

    Arizona Muse looks from another period..just stunning

  8. sheriwhispers says:

    It might scream British but whats the dealyo with those UGLY pockets
    seriously now ( :-/

  9. Falleg0Livse says:

    5.37 <3

  10. tftforever says:

    Yes it’s different every year I adore this collection!!

  11. Zaharaid08 says:

    I love it!!!

  12. Becks Vegs says:

    ok! the second song is great and new.. well done. BTW I’m in love with

  13. Amara Young says:

    I love Burberry! Only thing is in the video was the music was a bit
    distracting as it is too sad to listen to while looking at so many
    beautiful clothes… But thank you for uploading!

  14. Varinder Sidhu says:


  15. Becks Vegs says:

    hahaha same music as the last time! I’ve been listening to this for the
    whole year.. I expected new great music!

  16. nonna markaryan says:

    @julie0ewa thank you very very very much :*

  17. jordFC says:


  18. xochitl p says:

    I totally looved everything, and the end with the umbrellas is just magic !!

  19. svanur says:

    P L E A S E those boots and umbrellas.. I want

  20. ExtravagantFragrance says:


  21. glitterycookie says:

    what is the last song played?

  22. dmitrigarcia says:

    Why did it skip the guys?

  23. Azim Ismail says:

    @glitterycookie rae morris – walls

  24. MontseEscAM says:

    loved the last song

  25. FashionTV says:

    Are you a Burberry girl or guy?